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French Wired Ribbon

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rose made from French Wired Ribbon

Quilter's Fancy imports its Wired Ombre Ribbon directly from France. The ribbon has two distictive features:

Ombre means that the color changes from light to dark across the width of the ribbon, giving it a beautiful sheen which is impossible to adequately display on the Internet. The color on ombre ribbon blends and changes in shifting light.

Also, a thin wire is trapped in each edge of the ribbon. The wire can be pulled to gather or ruffle the ribbon into a flower. The wire also is useful to shape the ribbon into bows.

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French Ombre Wired Ribbon - 49-1

$2.25 - $4.00

French Ombre Wired Ribbon - 49-10


French Ombre Wired Ribbon - 49-4

$2.85 - $4.00

French Ombre Wired Ribbon - 49-7


Ribbon - French Wire