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Popular Fabric Collections:

Stars & Stripes fabrics eagle panel

Stars & Stripes
It's hard to believe the Stars & Stripes fabrics have been around for a decade. The 10th Anniversary collection features a stunning new eagle panel, a panel with labels for your patriotic quilts and several new designs.

William Morris historic reproduction fabric

Stonehenge GradationsGradations Ombre 

To quickly find the right fabric, search using one of the categories below. Themes include Patriotic, Novelty, Reproduction, Seasonal, Floral, Animals, Landscape.
About ordering fabric at Quilter's Fancy
    1. You can order quantities as small as 1/4 yard of fabric or ribbon.
    2. We will make no order substitutions without your approval. For instance, if you order 2 yards and we only have 1 yard, we will not ship the 1 yard and refund the rest unless we talk to you. If you order, for example, 8 yards and we have a 6-yard piece and a 2-yard piece, we won't ship two pieces without talking to you. 






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108" Wide Backs


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