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Dimensional Roses

Join 3-D flower-making author Cindy Oravecz as she shows every turn of the wrist used to make eight different picture-perfect dimensional roses.

For years, people were taught to make a folded rose in their hands. Few could do it, because it was difficult. In 1996, Barbara Hall of Australia invented a simple tool called The Vintage Rose Spindle so anyone could make beautiful roses quickly and easily. 

For other roses, there are magical ways to make tiny roses for embroidery that do not require the spindle. Twirled roses can be made by spinning the needle and watching a rose magically form. Folding ribbon up like an accordion can create a surprising rose as well.

Twirl, spin, spiral, fold and roll silk and wire ribbon into two beautiful dimensional topiary trees flourishing with colorful roses. Projects include two topiary trees flourishing with colorful roses, a wallhanging, and vintage rose quilt block patterns.

Or, add your dimensional roses to vintage quilt block patterns, clothing and home furnishings.

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