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Quilter’s Fancy is pleased to offer a selection of our most popular Japanese seed beads for sale online. Japanese seed beads are known for their uniform size and cut consistency standards, which makes them excellent beads for bead weaving and looming as well as quilting project embellishments. When selecting seed beads sizes, the greater number the  smaller the bead. Most of these beads are made by Miyuki, but a few are made by Matsuno.

Search our selection of Japanese seed beads by color, size or bead finish.









Bead Finishes


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BG459D.6T 6mm Twist Metallic Green Iris


BG460E.6T 6mm Metallic DK Blue Iris Twist


BG631.6S 6mm Spiral Bugle S/L Very Lt Blue AB


BG633.6S 6mm Bugle Spiral Silverlined Blue AB


BG638.6 6mm Bugle Silverlined Red AB


BG643.6S 6mm Spiral Bugle, S/L Teal AB


BG645.6S 6mm Spiral Bugle Silverlined Lt. Peacock AB


BG646.6S 6mm Spiral Bugle, S/L Emerald AB


BG648.6 6mm Bugle Silverlined Brown AB


BG650.6S 6mm Spiral Bugle S/L Olivine AB


BGF005D.6T 6mm Bugle Silverlined Rusty Brown Matte Satin


BGF143B.6 6mm Bugle Matte Transp Silky Blue


BGF452.6 6mm Bugle Met DK Blue Iris Matte


BGF648.6 6mm Bugle Silverlined Brown Matte AB


11-004 Silverlined Dark Gold


11-023 Silverlined Fuschia


11-061 Silverlined Gold AB


11-171 Transp. Dk. Topaz Lustre


11-297A Transparent Grey AB


11-319J Sage High Lustre


11-325D Aqua High Lustre


11-356S Dk. Blue Colorlined Teal


11-375E Colorlined Seafoam Green


11-377I Sapphire Colorlined Metallic Teal


11-457A Copper


11-460E Blue Teal Metal Iris


11-462 Steel/Gold Iris


11-462D Gold Iris


11-485 Copper Galvanized


11-520A Seafoam Green Ceylon


11-523 Pale Aqua/Green Ceylon


11-524B Dk. Lavender Ceylon


11-527 Butter Cream Ceylon


11-578 Giltlined Gold Opal


11-641 Silverlined Cobalt AB


11-647 Silverlined Dark Green AB


11-F177 Transparent Blue Oil Lustre Matte


11-F256A Champagne Matte AB


11-F259A Colorlined Teal Matte AB


11-F401 Opaque Black Matte


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