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Quilter's Fancy open for business

Policies during Covid19 outbreak

At Quilter’s Fancy, the safety and well-being of you, our customers and employees must come first. We are open starting today, May 12, but we are choosing our own way of doing it for extra safety.

The absolute safest way to shop our store is at There you can pay on line and pick up your pre-paid purchases the same day safely outside the store. Or call in your order at 330-637-3106 or toll free 886-953-0722 for pick up. This works especially well for elastic orders which can be ready for you quickly. You also may drop your payment in the payment box outside the store or hand your credit card to the employee at the door to minimize contact.

If you do not have a computer or want to see the fabrics and sewing goods in person, we will follow these safe practices:

  • Up to 2 customers at most can be in the store at one time.
  • Call for an exclusive shopping time and reserve that time especially if you think you need a longer time to shop.
  • If you don’t want to reserve a time, stop in wearing a mask. We will let you in as social distancing requirements permit. If two people already are shopping, we will take your name, phone number and car type, and you can wait in your car.

In addition we ask that you:

  • wear a mask when approaching the door and in the store at all times.
  • stay 6 feet away from anyone you may encounter
  • wash your hands before entering the store, if possible, or use the hand sanitizer available just inside the door

We will be:

  • monitoring employee temperatures before coming to work daily
  • disinfecting common surfaces regularly

We encourage anyone with questions or concerns about our COVID19 Policy to please talk to us immediately. We are doing our best to keep all safe until there is a solution to infection. We may have overlooked something. With your help we can improve our policies.

Mask-making supplies in stock

Find elastic and notions listed below in a convenient Mask Making Category.

Elastic is ON SALE now -- while supplies last!

  • 1/4-inch wide soft French white elastic: Comfortable behind the ears! 50 cents per yard
  • 1/16-inch French elastic cord. 20 cents per yard
  • 3/16-inch white ponytail weight elastic cord. 65 cents per yard

Notions that make mask making easier

  • Bohin Red French Tweezers: The bent point is genius. The 90-degree bend at the tip lets you grab elastic ends and put them in their place. The best tweezers you will ever buy. And you can find it on your sewing table because its red! $8.60
  • Clover Silk Pins Boxed: Red and white glass head pins that are the correct length and thin-ness (.5mm) to hold elastic in place for sewing. $5.95 for 100 pins
  • Clover Wonder Clips: When your fingers can't pick up pins, grab a wonder clip. It will hold fabric together for sewing just like a pin. 10 pack, $6.95; 50-pack, $31.95. See our website for more choices.
  • Bohin Mechanical Pencil : The width of the chalk is always the same because it is a mechanical pencil and needs no sharpening. The marks brush, wear or erase away. Precise marks make precise pleats and easy sewing. Pencil with white chalk $12.70. Also green or yellow refills available $8.20 each. The white is so useful. The eraser on the end of this mechanical pencil is fantastic -- turn it to raise it up (don't pull). It leaves very little crumbs and is excellent for removal of lines. I strongly recommend the big size eraser as well at $4.20. It lasts forever and is useful on all types of lines. 
  • Schmetz Microtex Machine Needle size 90/14: If your sewing machine needle is hesitating on those layered pleats or is breaking, use a Schmetz 90/14 for extra strength on extra layers of fabric. 5 needle pack for $4.99 fits all sewing machines.
  • BATIK fabrics have a tighter weave and make excellent masks. See our batik collection.
  • Ear Saver "HERO" plates: Hook elastic onto the plate pegs so elastic does not ride on the ears and "Hero" can be seen on the back of medical workers caps! Available in black and white. All of the $2 fee goes to Donald Van Horn of Cortland for mask making for medical workers. 

Go to #MasksNOW for more information on how you can be a part of this important nationwide movement.

Finished masks can be dropped off at Quilters Fancy, 227 S. High St. in Cortland. Call 330-637-3106 so we can be there to receive them. Finished masks also can be mailed to Quilters Fancy, PO Box 457, Cortland, OH 44410.

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