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Sewing Medical Masks - A Message From CindyO

Health care workers in our community and everywhere continue to need medical masks. Hardworking, kindhearted quilters are making masks locally and supplying anyone that needs them free of charge! Quilters Fancy is listening to requests by phone and email and funneling these donated (very good looking) masks to those that need them.

Quilters Fancy also is seeking donated materials that can be given to the mask makers. Elastic is in extremely short supply nationwide! If you have any clean unused elastic cord or 1/8-inch or ¼-inch wide elastic, the volunteer mask makers need it now – every inch is needed! There is a drop box in front of the Quilters Fancy store, 227 S. High St., Cortland, Ohio. Or you can mail it to Quilters Fancy, PO Box 457, Cortland, OH 44410. Or call 330-637-3106 or toll free 866-953-0722 and we can try to pick it up.

If you need supplies to make masks or you need a mask or know of anyone/organization that needs masks, let us know.

If you are making medical masks, here are some helpful tips:

  • If you do not have elastic, ponytail holders will work as well.
  • Name badges from trade shows like quilt shows use thin elastic cord and this cord is perfect for masks.
  • If you make simple ear loops rather than elastic that goes around the back of the head, only 12 inches of elastic is needed per mask. Use 6 inches for each ear loop.
  • Two twist ties (paper or plastic) one stacked on top of the other, can be used to form the optional wired nose bridge in the mask. Take a couple of machine/hand stitches to secure.
  • If you have no elastic at all, quilt binding, seam tape or ribbon can be used.
  • Some masks have an open end pocket nearest the mouth where a filter can be placed and changed out to keep the mask cleaner. In lieu of the mesh filter, coffee filters are being cut to size and used in the mask pocket. Quilters Fancy is also accepting donations of clean coffee filters for this purpose
  • Quilters Fancy is happy to mail or email you a simple pattern for mask making.

Thank you sewwww much!

Quilter’s Fancy continues to follow the Ohio government stay-at-home guidelines. Website and phone-in orders for mail order will continue to be fulfilled. Contactless curbside pickup of a pre-paid order is also available.

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