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New Online Quilt Festival

June 25 – 29, 2020

Quilter’s Fancy will take part in the first Online Quilt Festival from June 25 through June 29, and Cindy Oravecz will be teaching two streaming interactive workshops.

Cindy will be teaching: The Embellished Scarf, a 3-hour workshop Friday, June 26, (left) and A Day of Flowermaking, a 6-hour workshop Saturday June 27 (right).

Mancuso Show Management, who does World Quilt Shows in locations as Hampton, VA, Oaks, PA, Santa Clara, CA, and Springfield MA, is organizing the show.

The company said the Online Quilt Festival “will be around the clock from start to finish no matter what your time zone. For our first ever Online Quilt Festival, virtual show-goers will be able to view two quilt galleries, shop the vendors online.”

There is a suggested $8 admission fee, but the promoters said, “We do not want anyone to be unable to participate due to cost.” Participants can view the quilts and shop the vendors at this initial event for free based on their needs during this pandemic.

“Mancuso show management is being extremely kind, helpful and wise in opening up this new concept in attending a quilt show in these challenging times,” said Cindy. “It’s a great way to be with quilters in sewing class safely and not even have to wear a mask!”


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