The Fairy Chateau Embellishment Kit

The Fairy Chateau Embellishment Kit
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Price: $40.00
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Add flowers, vines, and sparkle to the basic Fairy Chateau fabric kit for a breathtaking wallhanging.

Enjoy making simple embroidered lazy daisy wisteria cascading off the roof of the fairy chateau with purple ombre ribbon. Make more small lazy daisies with German dyed Painter’s Ribbon Floss that looks like shining beads when done.

If you have never embroidered with ribbon, all directions are in the pattern that comes with the Embellishment Kit. Other embroidery stitches explained in the pattern are feather stitch, colonial knots, ribbon stitch and outline stitch.

Glitter tulle quickly adds more sparkle to the fairies’ wings. Cut it and it does not fray. Just sew down with a few quick stab stitches.

The embellishment kits is an add on to the basic Fairy Chateau kit that includes the fabric, leaves and trim for the Chateau.