French Wired

Quilter's Fancy imports its wired ombre ribbon directly from France.

Wired ombre ribbon has two distictive features.

Ombre means that the color changes from light to dark across the width of the ribbon, giving it a beautiful sheen which is impossible to adequately display on the Internet. The color on ombre ribbon blends and changes in shifting light.

Also, a thin wire is trapped in each edge of the ribbon. The wire can be pulled to gather or ruffle the ribbon into a flower. The wire also is useful to shape the ribbon into bows.

Ombre ribbon is available in four sizes and is sold by the yard:
• Size 3 — 16mm or 5/8" wide — $1.75;
• Size 5 — 25 mm or 1" wide — $2.25;
• Size 9 — 40mm or 1 1/2" wide — $3.50;
• Size 12 — 50 mm or 2" wide — $4.50 (not all colors available in 2").

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